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Dramatic Eye Makeup – Top Makeup Techniques For Achieving Dramatic Eyes

Dramatic eye makeup is a technique many women try to learn or improve on. In part 1, simple yet dramatic eye makeup application techniques were described. The use of eyeshadow colors is a easy and straightforward way of making your eyes pop. When specific eyeshadow colors are used, your eye color stands out. This draws attention to your eyes. Secondly, …

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Complete List of the Must-Have Items for Your Dance Makeup Kit

A Dancer’s Makeup look is often determined by the choreographer and/or the performance venue. Stage performance – Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern, and Contemporary dancers typically dance on a stage. Whether you are recital dancer, competitive dancer, or a professional dancer, you will need to wear a darker, more intense dancer’s makeup look than average everyday street makeup. This …

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